You are comfortable Navigating in poor weather and terrain

The Advanced course is for Two Days usually starting at 9:30 and finishing around 16:30 each day. Usually you will also do a few hours of night navigation which will be planned and arranged onsite with your instructor on the course. We will of course plan in some breaks in between sessions! Ideal for people who want to perfect their navigation for Mountain Leader (ML)  assessment, or to join a Mountain Rescue Team.

The course is practical, hands on and most lessons are conducted whilst on the hill with strenuous walking in very difficult hill walking terrain.

You are welcome to enter a Advanced course directly if you feel you are very hill fit, already have a good grasp of map and compass work, but want to advance your skills.  If you do not feel confident, you may wish to go on an Intermediate course first – but talk to us beforehand if you wish.

Course Objective

To learn to navigate proficiently in wild terrain in severe weather conditions.

Choose a Location and Book your Advanced Navigation Course

We run courses in the UK’s stunning National Parks, choose the area you want to do your course in. Either choose somewhere local and an an easy commute, or a new area you would like to experience, your instructor will advise you of great walks suiting your experience.

You want to learn

  • To refine the most advanced navigational techniques with a map and compass
  • Perfect your micro navigation
  • Navigate over the most difficult terrain in the worst weather, with no visibility and scarce features
  • Estimating and converting bearings and coordinates
  • Night navigation
  • Searching for others and self recovery
  • Moving safely with groups
  • Emergency procedures with a group and what to do in an emergency.

What you will need to bring with you for your course.

If you have any questions you can email your instructor after booking and they will be happy to help. Why not visit our shop for our approved equipment as used by our instructors?