Our Advanced GPS/Sat Nav course if for people comfortable with most Satnav/GPS common functionality, but want to perfect their skills and reach the highest levels of understanding

Perhaps you want to lead groups, are a Teacher/Trainer, or Police Search Manager, or you are a Hillwalker or Mountaineer that wants to fully understand Sat Nav/GPS for expedition planning. Perhaps you are a Mountain Rescue search manager and want to develop your search mapping tools and techniques further?

You can enter the Advanced course directly if you wish and you feel confident with the common functions on your preferred device and tool set.

We will cover the advanced functions across Smartphones, Tablet and Computer Apps, as well as handheld devices, and transferring between these and mapping packages. Some of the course will be classroom based and some on the hill, so moderate hillwalking should be expected. We will cover advanced coordinate systems and plotting to create and manage your own maps and track search areas covered, whether urban, or wild and remote places.

Don’t worry about the different options on the market or what you use, we will help you become comfortable with the different types available, and show you how to become expert in the one of your choice and interchange easily between others.

On the Advanced course we will quickly recap the main uses and functions for you, then move to advance use including creating your own custom maps, overlays, search and track patterns. By the end of the Advanced course you will be comfortable in using SatNavs and managing SatNav data to a level where with further practice, you could manage large scale events or searches, as well as being able to use your SatNavs anywhere in the world for advanced navigation and route finding.

Advanced SatNav/GPS courses are two days.  You are welcome to bring your own SatNav devices and laptops with you if you wish, or we can provide some for use on your course.

Advanced SatNav

Course Objective

Use all the functions of a Smartphone and SatNav device effectively to navigate or manage searches in urban or wild and remote places.

Choose a Location and Book your Intermediate Navigation Course

We run courses in the UK’s stunning National Parks, choose the area you want to do your course in. Either choose somewhere local and an an easy commute, or a new area you would like to experience, your instructor will advise you of great walks suiting your experience.

You want to learn

  • Advanced terminology and configuration of different types of devices in the Uk and abroad
  • Recap the weakness of Satnavs and considerations for safe group work
  • Creating advanced routes, route following and tracks
  • Transferring data to and from devices
  • Creating dynamic maps from images or custom maps
  • Using advanced SatNavs to create search patterns and tracking
  • Using SatNavs to safely move groups across wild terrain and to assist in incident management.

What you will need to bring with you for your course.

If you have any questions you can email your instructor after booking and they will be happy to help. Why not visit our shop for our approved equipment as used by our instructors?