This Basic SatNav/GPS course is ideal for Hillwalkers to Geocachers, or for professionals seeking an introduction

You may have bought a GPS, or are thinking of buying one. You may be a complete beginner or have just tried the basics of getting a location fix or navigating to a waypoint or destination, but are not yet comfortable with all the features or your GPS or Smartphone app.

The GPS/SatNav introduction course takes you through the types of devices and software available, and what they are best suited to. You will be shown and helped practice in the field how to use the common and most useful features of a device or Smartphone app, until you are comfortable with them.

Inside, you will be shown and can practice setting routes and waypoints on a PC or Mac, transferring and using tracks etc. This will equip you with the ability to plan routes for walks safely and easily, then use your device in the field.

Sat Nav Course

Course Objective

Use a Smartphone and SatNav device competently as navigation aid, and be able to comfortably create and follow a route in remote places.

Choose a Location and Book your Intermediate Navigation Course

We run courses in the UK’s stunning National Parks, choose the area you want to do your course in. Either choose somewhere local and an an easy commute, or a new area you would like to experience, your instructor will advise you of great walks suiting your experience.

You want to learn

  • What all the terminology means in an easy to understand way
  • How to comfortably use all the common features of your SatNav
  • How to use Smartphone Apps or SatNav Devices to create routes and transfer your data
  • Safely using your SatNav one on the hill and planning your routes within your groups capabilities
  • The basics of map and compass work in case your SatNav fails, and how to recognise weaknesses in SatNavs and how to check what they are telling you
  • How to manage an incident on the hill if you or your group has one, or you come across an incident.

What you will need to bring with you for your course.

If you have any questions you can email your instructor after booking and they will be happy to help. Why not visit our shop for our approved equipment as used by our instructors?