Our Beautiful Countryside
“With my Pen I write my song among the hills”

No one loves the National Parks and Countryside more than a UNS Instructor. We are passionate about our beautiful hills and as a company try our best to conserve it just the way nature intended.

We observe routes modified for erosion control and any restrictions for nature such as nesting times.

As a company we try to be as paperless as possible and your help in using electronic communication and course material is appreciated.

But our main contribution to conservation is that ALL of our net profit goes to these four charities, who look after and maintain the hills we all love.

  • Fix the Fells (run by the National Trust) is a group of volunteers who repair paths in the Lake District, probably the heaviest use area in the UK  – understandably it is voted the UK’s most beautiful location.
  • Mend our Mountains from the BMC (UK Climb) aims to fix erosion in eight of our National Parks and the paths up to some of our most iconic mountains.
  • The John Muir Trust repairs erosion and maintains the Scottish Highlands.
  • The Mountain Bothy Association is a small charity that maintains the fantastic little bothy’s and cabins we all enjoy to see and overnight in amongst the hills.

In addition the UNS team spends a day a year volunteering all our staff to volunteer on a project for one of our chosen charities. Why not get in touch if you want to join us? Everyone is welcome to help care for our great outdoors.

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