You are comfortable with the basics of map and compass work

The Intermediate course is for Two Days usually starting at 9:30 and finishing around 16:30 each day. The course is practical, hands on and most lessons are conducted whilst on the hill with moderate walking in more difficult hill walking terrain than Foundation.

You are welcome to enter directly onto a Intermediate course if you feel you are comfortable at Foundation level.

If in doubt, feel free to talk to us before hand if you wish.


Course Objective

To learn to navigate competently in wild terrain in reasonable conditions.

Choose a Location and Book your Intermediate Navigation Course

We run courses in the UK’s stunning National Parks, choose the area you want to do your course in. Either choose somewhere local and an an easy commute, or a new area you would like to experience, your instructor will advise you of great walks suiting your experience.

You want to learn

  • Further map and compass techniques for micro-navigation – contour navigation, slope aspect, accurate pacing, timing, taking accurate bearings from features to the map and vice versa, fixes, waypoints, routes and much more…
  • Navigating over more difficult terrain with poor visibility and fewer features
  • How to plan and assess more challenging routes safely
  • Emergency procedures with a group and what to do in an emergency.

What you will need to bring with you for your course.

If you have any questions you can email your instructor after booking and they will be happy to help. Why not visit our shop for our approved equipment as used by our instructors?