Ideal for individuals, to group leaders, Military or Emergency services personnel, this course will help your navigate at night as comfortably as you do during the day

A significant number of Mountain Rescue call outs are at night.  Some hill walkers don’t even carry a torch because they expect to by back in the day light hours.  But no one plans for a trip, fall, or getting lost which will delay them past night fall, and they find themselves in trouble, in the dark, perhaps lost, confused and unable to route find off in the dark or signal for help.

Most serious mountaineering routes especially in winter, involve a walk out or back in the dark, or a night bivvy. So everyone should be able to do some level of navigation safely at night, and should always be prepared in case they are benighted.

Your night navigation course will teach you the tools and techniques of navigating in difficult terrain at night, safely.  We will practice routes and route finding, as well as moving over the terrain while micro navigating. Ideal for Mountain Leader (ML) assessment preparation or for joining a Mountain Rescue Team. Attendees must be hill fit and comfortable in very difficult terrain and conditions.

In addition your course will cover equipment, working at night, and what to do if you have an emergency incident while on the hill at night.

Over two nights, during the course you will need to rest during the day. Night navigation courses start with some practical work before sunset then involve 4-6 hours on the hill at night, over two nights. Start times depend on the time of the year.

Night Navigation

Course Objective

Safely navigate at night in severe conditions across wild and remote terrain.

Choose a Location and Book your Intermediate Navigation Course

We run courses in the UK’s stunning National Parks, choose the area you want to do your course in. Either choose somewhere local and an an easy commute, or a new area you would like to experience, your instructor will advise you of great walks suiting your experience.

You want to learn

  • Safe movement at night across difficult terrain as comfortably as day including route finding considerations at night
  • Understanding distances at night and how darkness affects perceptions, speed, depth perception, vision and contour shapes
  • Micro navigating at night in bad weather – techniques used to micro navigate each attack point with great accuracy
  • Group considerations at night and in bad weather- preventing the accident chain developing and practicing emergency incident handling at night, including unplanned benighting.

What you will need to bring with you for your course.

If you have any questions you can email your instructor after booking and they will be happy to help. Why not visit our shop for our approved equipment as used by our instructors?