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  • “Glad I booked the course. Knowledgable, friendly instructor who explained it well. A nice learning environment.” – Private Advanced course May 2019
  • “I absolutely loved it. I would have happily paid the money just to be on the hill with a knowledgable guide – I’ll be back!” – Private Night Nav course May 2019
  • “I’d fully recommend learning  navigation skill with the Ultimate Navigation School.”(Emma Frampton – co Founder Adventure Queens – Dark Peak November 2018)
  • “I didn’t like navigation as I was useless at it. Now I do. And I’m not! Thanks very much Ultimate Nav! 5/5”. (Foundation Nav Lakes June 2018)
  • “Some of the UK’s most well respected navigational instructors on hand to jog my grey matter.” (OS Champion Intermediate Nav March 2018)
  • “Excellent course, great instructors & I had a really great time. Perfect in every way. Super helpful instructor.” (Advanced Nav – Dark Peak March 2018)
  • “Fantastic! – Instructor helpful, patient, informative. Well structured course leading to independence and consolidation of skills” (Advanced Nav – Dark Peak March 2018)
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable and well structured course. Has given me confidence for my ML assessment” (Night Nav – White Peak February 2018)
  • “Excellent, informative, professional. Course 5 out of 5” N.C (Foundation Nav – White Peak June 2017)
  • “Brilliant course. Great instructors. 5 out of 5”. Ryan (Foundation Nav – White Peak May 2017)
  • “Excellent course, feel like I have learned new tips & consolidated skills to make my navigation foolproof in all conditions” – M.A (Advanced Nav – Peak District April 2017)
  • “Excellent- I would definitely recommend the course- Thanks!” – Ordnance Survey Champion (Intermediate Nav – Peak District April 2017)
  • “Instructor was excellent, gave you time to work things out and was very helpful” – Ben (Foundation Nav – Lake District April 2017)
  • “Fantastic course with great content and instructors” – Ordnance Survey Champion (Intermediate Nav – Peak District April 2017)
  • “Excellent course I will definitely recommend the Ultimate Navigation School” – Martin (Advanced Nav  – Peak District April 2017)
  • “Absolutely BRILLIANT course, great content and instructors. Thoroughly recommend!” – Andy (Advanced Nav – Peak District April 2017)
  • Great course! Really embedded existing knowledge along with lots I didn’t know” – David (Intermediate Nav – Peak District April 2017)

Above is a small sample of recent course review form feedback comments.

Our average course rating is currently (2019 ) running at –

4.95 out of 5

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