Lyle Brotherton


Lyle is one of the world’s leading experts in SAR (Search & Rescue) Navigation

He delivers training to the Special Forces in advanced Satnav navigation and continues to instruct SAR teams throughout the world in land navigation. He is also an international speaker on land navigation and writes for various publications including ‘Trail’ and ‘Mountain Rescue Magazine’. The Royal Institute of Navigation have awarded Lyle Brotherton their Certificate of Achievement in honour of his ‘Outstanding achievement in writing a comprehensive book for Land Navigation’.

Ofqual Accreditation of the trainers and quality control for all the UNS Courses is undertaken by Lyle
  1. Foundation navigation
  2. Intermediate navigation
  3. Advanced navigation
  4. Basic SatNav
  5. Advanced Satnav
  6. Military SF Selection Navigation training.

Our courses are assessed on two levels. Firstly our Ofqual periodic assessments of teaching and accreditation standard are checked by our internal and external accreditation officers. Secondly, Lyle assesses the quality of navigation training and adherence to the syllabus and manual. So Lyle may well join you on your course! Lyle is also responsible for developing our new material ensuring your training is up to date with best practice as used by rescue services around the world.